Inktober Challenge ● 2020

I’m doing the #Inkotober2020 challenge and this is my second year. I’m mainly a mixed media artist but, I love the different mediums of art so, I hop around with materials. The Inktober challenges push me to develop with ink as my medium through 31 days of prompts. I also get to use up my art supplies in joyous creativity. Win, win.

My first challenge I went with Jay Parker, naturally. This year, I chose to use the “folklore” prompt created by Jessica Lauser which intrigued me because I adore folklore; It’s also perfect for Halloween!

Day 3 of this prompt is Baba Yaga. I posted her on my Instagram account, @bloodorchid411, with just basic inking but Baba wouldn’t let me stop until I colored her in so, you get her here. 😉😊

If you don’t know about Baba Yaga (who became one of my favorite folklore monsters as a child because her house was carried on chicken legs) here are some brief facts:
  • She guards the fountain of life with her 2 sisters and they are also called Baba Yaga.
  • She will sometimes be benevolent.
  • She will accompany Death to consume the souls of the newly dead.
  • She causes tempests when she travels.

I look forward to more of these challenges as it increases my productivity during these very annoying and deeply trying times.
Maybe, I’ll post more here for a change of pace. 🙂

5 Replies to “Inktober Challenge ● 2020”

  1. I remember thinking Baba Yaga was really cool, too. I think I got some children’s magazine that had a story from her tradition every month. The house with the chicken legs was really memorable!

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