What can I say about the recent events that hasn’t been said for 500 years? I had to remind myself hundreds of times this week that I am enough. I had to tell myself over and over that my tears are more than enough, that my soul deep exhaustion is enough, my desire for peace is enough, my shared stories about my life experiences with racism is enough and all that I’ve done since my abuela taught me to march; it’s all enough.

What more can I say? I’ve been tired of talking since the age of 10. I keep doing it, though. I keep talking. So many times, no one was listening. It doesn’t matter the pitch or the tone. It didn’t matter the vernacular, dialect, intellect…it didn’t matter. No one was really listening. I still kept talking, though. Every once in awhile someone heard me and they helped me. It was a rare occurrence and always deeply appreciated. In that vein, an ally reminded me that breaks are natural, healthy and necessary. Actually, they’ve given me a few gentle reminders, bless them. I forget this so easily.

I was also reminded that there is no one else I need to be but me (whatever that is). For sure, its a long journey to self-love. How did I get so far away from myself?

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