The Longing For Completion

There’s that void again. That deep cavernous feeling that threatens to swallow you whole from the inside out. That feeling of darkness so deep, it echoes back at you with its vast, empty loneliness. But, it’s not empty. Inside all of that depth is a tiny you grotesquely overwhelmed with feeling. So overwhelmed you forget you exist. Its not a good place to be. It’s a dangerous place to be…sometimes…screaming alone in your own brain. It gets that way when you are longing for completion.

A large part of our lives is spent in searching for integration, in feeling whole. We look for ourselves in others, we search for ourselves in tasks. We subscribe to the notion that we are fractured, splintered, incomplete beings always searching, always without. Never, ever really knowing that supreme, divine fullness of our self. I’m not talking the gluttony of selfishness as it’s manifested in destructive patterns. I’m talking the enriched, glorious feeling of contentment. Contentment so deep that it can only come from appreciation and gratitude. THAT feeling of wholeness. That’s a good place to be.

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