Submission Is A Gift Wrapped in Trust



You asked who I am–I told you.

You asked me what I wanted–I shared with you.

You asked me how I feel…You asked how I feel…and…You asked me how I feel–I think I showed you. 

I’m sure I showed you when,

I shared with you.

I opened up to you.

I laughed with you.

I suffered with you.

I cried for you–I cried with you.

I played with you.

I offered myself to you, over and over.

I trust you. I TRUSTED you.

Submission is a gift wrapped in trust.

Look for me inside of you, beside you, around you. I’m there because you asked me to.

Because, I wanted to.

I want to.

Did you forget? You wanted me there too.

My gift is TRUST.

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