Richard Armitage goes to Sydney 3

Some may like the fortune but can do without the fame. Its important not to worship but to merely appreciate. You never know what its in someone’s minds and hearts. When you look at life from that perspective, I’ll take my quiet enjoyment any day of the week. Thanks for sharing.

Me + Richard Armitage

[A report from “me +” reader bollyknickers, who attended the Popcorn Taxi event in Sydney, Australia on May 1, 2013, relevant to the discussion here. The photo attached is hers; I have not edited it except to put her name on it. Many, many thanks to bolly for recording her impressions and reactions!]


I never thought I would see Richard Armitage in the flesh. I don’t like crowds and never saw myself going to a red carpet event. Getting up at the crack of dawn to stake a pitch, all that pushing and jostling — good grief, I don’t even go into department stores when the sales are on. I missed him at the ARIAs – though as it turned out, everyone missed him at the ARIAs — because I wasn’t up for standing all day in the blistering heat just for a quick glimpse. My lack…

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