No Distance

No Distance

The heart and mind knows no distance
especially when it is IN love
the feelings surround you
the visions overwhelm you
you are transported to a place where
time does not exist
only the thoughts of your love live
and what love ever truly knows the
passing of time?

But I must live in the now
force myself to be here
and here Alone
where time matters

Yesterday the distance killed
Today I am inspired because
I am IN love

Across time(?) I find you
in my mind’s eye(s)
with my heart’s sight
I see you
I touch you
you are worth touching

I find you across worlds
and continents
states, cities…its no matter
Its your energy I know
Its your energy I seek
I always find you
for the heart and mind knows no distance

For you are more than pheremones
you are more than designer jeans
and silk shirts

you are more than false utterings
and contrived efforts

you are more than lust
deeper than like
and more delightful than joyous laughter

you are as strong as stone
soft as lapping water
steady as the course of the setting and rising sun
bringer of love
I can look into your eyes forever
because the heart knows no distance

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