A Blind Date with Destiny

A Blind Date with Destiny

“When you have power looks never matter…”
So sayeth, Destiny who most assuredly has power.
So what did Destiny look like?
Like nothing I’d expected or you’d expect.

I was naturally, intimidated.
Can such power be charmed by
slow dance and soft arms?

Can it be lured and baited by
simple but deep pleasures?

What would we talk about?

“I can tell you how your world will end…”

Would you look deep in Destiny’s eyes and gently say,

“No, thanks. Some of us don’t really want to know.”

You wouldn’t want to be harsh with one with such power.

Would your calm and deflective response arouse anger?

Can Destiny feel rejected?

Would you then beg for mercy and say,

“Please don’t rearrange the harshest possibilities just for me Mr. Destiny.
For really, who could ever truly reject you? You are Destiny.”

Hmmm…what an interesting date that would be.

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